The Sea

... the sea of Tuscany!

The sea of Follonica ...

In front of the beach, a shallow sea , with no holes and currents, is the best guarantee of safe bathing even for the little ones.

As evidence of the undoubted quality of the marine environment of the Gulf of Follonica we can mention the Blue Flag which has been continuously awarded for over 20 years to Follonica for the water quality, of the beaches, services and measures of safety and for the balance between bathing activities and respect for nature.

The integrity of the marine environment is confirmed by the presence just 700 meters from the beach of a Marine Reserve of fish restocking where human productive activities are prohibited to protect the environment of the marine fauna and flora. At 50 meters from the shoreline, the presence of immersed cliffs of artificial origin but now strongly re-naturalized allow lovers of underwater activities to encounter animals and plants typical of our seabed marine.

Il Gabbiano Follonica Beach Resort

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